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Manage Information overload

"Never memorize something that you can look up"
- Albert Einstein

"Information overload refers to an excess amount of information being provided, making processing and absorbing tasks very difficult for the individual because sometimes we cannot see the validity behind the information"
- Wikipedia

With more than 100 million distinct websites and an ever-increasing amount of e-mail, people are drowning in information.

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Information overload and iKnow

Increasing channels, tools and information flow

- The number of available channels for incoming information is increasing
- The rate of new information being produced is increasing
- The number of different tools to help us is increasing.

PpcSoft iKnow will not solve all your information overload problems. You cannot use PpcSoft iKnow instead of e-mail, Wikipedia, Facebook, Outlook, Sharepoint or Google.

However, PpcSoft iKnow can help you by being a buffer between you and all the different tools, channels and different sources of information.

Use the tools, channels and information available efficiently Learn to use the channels you need effectively, and write down your own instructions for how to use the different channels the way you work. Do you spend most of your day using e-mail, wiki and blogs ? Learn to use these channels effectively, and create a small note for each channel in PpcSoft iKnow with tips and tricks to help you use them better.

Learn to use the tools you need effectively, and write down your own instructions for how to use the different tools the way you work.

Do you use Twitter ? Learn about it from Wikipedia, or create your own, simplified summary using iKnow. What about Twittercal, Twitpay, Twibs, Twittermail, Twuffer or more than 99 other Twitter tools and applications ?

Do you spend most of your day using Outlook, Sharepoint and SAP ? Learn to use these tools effectively, and create a small note for each tool in PpcSoft iKnow with tips and tricks to help you use them better.

Learn to collect the information you need effectively, and write down the important parts that help you in your work. Do you research using Google, Wikipedia or Digg ? Whenever you find useful information in different channels and web pages, write it down in PpcSoft iKnow so you'll be able to find it again later.


- use CHANNELS effectively
- use TOOLS effectively
- collect INFORMATION effectively

Write important stuff down !!

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What about all the little tidbits of information you get from various e-mails, meetings, coworkers, phone calls, blogs, twitter, facebook etc ? PpcSoft iKnow is perfect for this kind of information because of the effective user interface and fast searching in PpcSoft iKnow.

The next time you're looking for some information, you don't have to wonder if you last saw it in an e-mail, blog or word document. Store every little useful tidbit in PpcSoft iKnow, and you'll always know where to find it again. If the information is stored in an external document, write a short 'note to self' describing the document and why it is useful to you, and store a link to the document in PpcSoft iKnow.

Open PpcSoft iKnow (F12), create a quick note (Ctrl+N), write the tidbits (or paste Ctrl+V), and you're done. You'll easily find it again using search, and you may later connect the information with other notes in PpcSoft iKnow to organize it better if you want to.

Because PpcSoft iKnow can be used for almost all of your information, it is very important that you have easy access to your information. PpcSoft iKnow saves all your information in a single file with a simple, custom text format which can be read and edited on any platform using a simple text editor (like MS Notepad in Windows).

This means that you can read and edit your PpcSoft iKnow file in Windows, Mac or Linux using a standard unicode-capable text editor. It also means that if you decide sometime in the future to change tools, or use Mac OS X instead of Windows, your data is not locked to PpcSoft iKnow, but can be easily transferred to a new system.

Your data is your data, not ours !

Problem of the year - 2008

Basex, a business research firm, picked 'Information Overload' as the 'problem of the year' for 2008. They estimated the 'cost of unnecessary interruptions' to $650 billion.

According to a report from Accenture research cited in CIO
- 42 percent of IT managers complain about too much information
- 39 percent can't figure out which information is current
- 38 percent need to weed out duplicate information
- 21 percent don't understand the value of the information they do receive.

At the same time, companies are still trying to figure out how to do knowledge management right. Your company wants you to share more knowledge, while you are struggling with too much information yourself.

Many companies focus on cutting costs when times are tough. And one of the biggest costs for many companies today is the employees. However, instead of getting rid of employees they could focus on increasing productivity instead. All employees are valuable assets, and they have valuable knowledge about your company and your products/services that will be lost if they get laid off.

Use PpcSoft iKnow to manage information overload.

Free your mind and free more time to concentrate on creating new ideas and becoming more productive.

Invest in your employees to get increased productivity and value.

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My name is Atle Iversen, and I'm the founder of PpcSoft (read more).

Contact me at atle.iversen@ppcsoft.com

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