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Thank you for downloading iKnow 2011

Download and install the free 30-day trial of PpcSoft iKnow 2011 in less than 2 minutes.

1. Save and launch the setup file

Click here to start downloading PpcSoft iKnow if it hasn't already started.

You may also download an MSI setup file instead of the EXE.

If you don't want a setup file, you can download a zipped exe-file that can be run directly (no installation).

Double-click the setup file to start the installation when the download has finished.

2. Give permission to start installation

Depending on your Windows version and user level, you may get several security warnings.

Click "Continue" or "Run" to start the installation.

3. Install PpcSoft iKnow

Follow the instructions in the setup wizard to complete the installation.

4. Start using PpcSoft iKnow

A shortcut has been installed to both your desktop and Start menu.

Start PpcSoft iKnow using one of the shortcuts, and then watch the Getting Started tutorial to learn the basics of PpcSoft iKnow.

Thank you for trying PpcSoft iKnow !



Use images in PpcSoft iKnow

"In a nutshell, iKnow requires slightly more up-front effort and care than OneNote or Evernote when creating the notes, but once they are made, using the information is much easier."
- TechRepublic

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