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PpcSoft iKnow features


If you lose any data, it may still be possible to recover them depending on the reason they were lost.

Power failure:
If your computer crashes in the middle of editing a note, there may not be any recovery option for your last changes.

When you restart your computer (and iKnow), the last note you were editing will automatically be shown, and if the last changes are not there, they are lost.

However, most likely you'll find that the last changes were automatically saved by iKnow, and then recoved automatically as well.

Lost note
If you have changed a note by accident, or overwritten some important data in a note, you may still be able to recover the lost data.

iKnow will automatically create backups for you, both daily backups of your complete datafile and of all changed notes.

Auto Backup

Because your knowledge is so important, iKnow will automatically create three different types of backups for you.

Daily backup of the full data file the last 6 days
A copy of your data file(s) is saved every day.

The backup copies will have a day-of-the-week number added to the file name and will have the extension .backup, so for the file
- "my.iknow"
the backups will be
- "my.iknow2.backup", "my.iknow3.backup" etc

Daily backup of all changes the last 28 days

Every time you change a note, a copy of all the text in the note is stored in the daily ".changes" file. If you change a note 3 times during the day, there will be 3 copies of the note in the ".changes" file.

ex. My.iKnow19.changes, My.iKnow24.changes where the number is the day of the month.

Daily backup of all changed notes the last week

Every time you change a note, a copy of the note is saved in the temp folder as well ('notename.rtm.x' where x is the day number of the week).

Because of the numbering system, all .backup, .rtm.x and .changes files will be automatically overwritten (every week for .backup and .rtm.x, every month for .changes).

Where do I find the backup files ?

The temporary backups are saved in (default location)
- Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\(user)\local settings\temp\iknow directory
- Windows Vista:C:\Users\(user)AppData\Local\Temp\iknow directory

If you open Windows Explorer, and enter %temp% in the address field, you'll automatically go to the temp directory (works for both Windows XP and Vista). Then you simply open the iKnow directory and you'll find all the temporary files:

.changes for each day in a month.
.backup for each day in a week .rtm.x for each day in a week for each changed note.
(in the 'backup' subfolder)

If you run from a portable device (e.g., Usb stick) all your data, including backups and temporary files, will be stored locally on the stick (in a subfolder where your iKnow datafile is stored).





Using iKnow




Screenshots of PpcSoft iKnow in action

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Requires Microsoft Windows XP, Vista or 7.

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