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PpcSoft iKnow Benefits

"Use the simplicity of iKnow to handle the complexity of your life"

PpcSoft iKnow will help you manage information overload and remember all the small details so that you can concentrate on the important stuff !

The World Wide Web consists of inter-linked documents that gives you access to a wealth of global information (and sometimes information overload).

PpcSoft iKnow consists of inter-linked notes (where each note is like a simple web page or yellow note) that gives you access to your information.

Collect all kinds of information into PpcSoft iKnow, and create your own, personal knowledge web on your computer (does not store your data "in the cloud").

"In a nutshell, iKnow requires slightly more up-front effort and care than OneNote or Evernote when creating the notes, but once they are made, using the information is much easier."
- TechRepublic
TechRepublic review

Remember more. Save time. Increase productivity.

The ability to store all the little details you need at work, quickly finding them again and connecting different notes to each other will probably save you a lot of time and increase your productivity (and make your day a little easier).

How much is your time worth ?

Store everything in one place

Collect information from post-its, notebooks, web pages, whiteboards, pdfs, facebook, twitter, books, meetings, phone calls, reference materials, people etc and store it in PpcSoft iKnow.

Store everything; someone's birthday, favorite wine, useful web sites, books and articles, how-to create tables in Word and pivot tables in Excel, tips for using the ERP or CRM system, random ideas, account numbers, expenses, trip planning, medical history, emergency numbers, performance tracking, quotes etc.

No more information overload !

Quickly find information

Use incremental quick search to find your notes instantly.

Once you've found the note you were looking for, use incremental search to find the text in your note instantly while you type.

If that isn't enough, easily search across all notes quickly as well using the full-text searching !

If you can't remember the name of a person, but remember the face, you may try to use a 'visual search' using the Image Browser.

Use F12 to activate PpcSoft iKnow, and then use the various search methods described above to find any knowledge almost instantly !

Connect your information - "killer feature"

Quickly connect related information simply by writing the name of the note. Automatic linking of your notes means that more notes will give you more connections automatically. Extremely powerful and very, very easy.

The more you use PpcSoft iKnow, the more useful and powerful it will be ! Connecting the pieces

Your data is accessible - no internet access required, no lock-in

Your information is stored locally on your computer (not "in the cloud") in a simple text-format to avoid lock-in of your data .

You may read and edit your datafile(s) using any standard text editor on any platform (Windows, Mac OS X, Unix).

If you want to synchronize your data on multiple computers, you can do it if your company allows it (or it is your own personal computers).

Easy. Fast. Powerful

PpcSoft iKnow will automatically remember where you left it, so you'll automatically start at the last note, with the window in the same position and same size. You don't have to save either as PpcSoft iKnow will do this for you automatically. And you don't have to care about files and folders as every note is saved in the same file automatically.

When you start using PpcSoft iKnow, you'll experience increased efficiency as you store information and find it again lightning fast. As you get more used to PpcSoft iKnow, you'll learn more keyboard shortcuts to be even more efficient.

Basically, all you need to remember is F12 to show/hide PpcSoft iKnow and Escape to toggle between the search and editor.

Read more about how easy PpcSoft iKnow is to use, or some of the research that is available regarding information overload, personal knowledge management and information scraps.

Learn more about many of the features or view some videos to see what PpcSoft iKnow is all about, and how it can help you remember and save some time ....

Never forget anything important again !

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Requires Microsoft Windows XP, Vista or 7.

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