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PpcSoft iKnow features

Create new notes using PpcSoft iKnow

There are 3 different ways to create a new, empty note:
- Create Note button in the Ribbon
- Create Note button in the editor
- Ctrl + N shortcut

All of these options will show a dialog box that will prompt you for a note title.

If you select a word (or write a word in QuickSearch) and create a note, the word will be the suggested new note title in the dialog box (you still have to confirm it, so you may change it).

If you don't suggest any name, an automatic name consisting of 'note_' and the date and time will be suggested. The date and time is in the format yyyy_mmdd_hhmm and will use a 24 hour clock for 'hh'. The reason for this is simply that it will be automatically alfabetized correctly with this date format.

For quick notes, the automatic title may be just fine as that tells you right in the title when the note was created. If you need to take notes where the timeframe is important, the automatic title may be perfect for you.

You may of course rename the note later, if you decide you need a better name.

You can use multiple words in the title, but it must be less than 30 characters in total.

Create new note from template

Templates are simply new notes based on the current note - ie. you keep the text that is in the current note, and create a new note based on this.

There are 3 ways to do this (similar to the empty notes) - the buttons are next to the New note buttons, and the shortcut key is Ctrl + Shift + N.

Templates are very useful for creating many similar notes. An example is your contact information. By first creating a template containing the most important information you need, you can quickly create new notes based on this by selecting the template, and then click Template (or Ctrl+Shift+N).

For example use two notes, People and zPeople. People is a 'homepage' for all your contacts, and zPeople is a template which can be used for all new contacts.

- When creating a new contact, navigate to 'zPeople' (starting with 'z' separates it from most other notes, and indicates that it is a special type of note - you may of course use a different system if you want to).

- Click 'Template' (or Ctrl+Shift+N), and you'll be asked for a note title. Enter the new contact (eg. 'Steve Gates'), and a new note pre-filled with your template is created.

- Insert the new info (maybe just a phone number at first), and you're done !





Using iKnow




Screenshots of PpcSoft iKnow in action

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Requires Microsoft Windows XP, Vista or 7.

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