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PpcSoft iKnow features

Maximize Readability

We believe that once you start using PpcSoft iKnow, you'll use it a lot, and we have therefore made PpcSoft iKnow very flexible in order to maximize readability.

Line width

The width of the line is very important for good readability. Very long lines are tiresome to read, and very short lines involves a lot of vertical scrolling.
As you can see in the image to the right, there is a lot of 'space' surrounding the Editor, and this is to improve readability.

In addition, you can change the width of the Editor by using the splitter which is located between the notes list and the Editor. Just click and drag it left and right to adjust the size.

Please note that you should resize the main window first to find a comfortable height and width, and then adjust the Editor width using the splitter.

Also note that the splitter position should also be adjusted for maximized-window mode, as both splitter positions will be stored separately.


PpcSoft iKnow is not a word processor (like MS Word), but a personal knowledge management tool.

You cannot use different fonts and font sizes in your notes, but you can choose which font and font size you want to use.

We have chosen a good, common default font and font size already, but you may prefer a different font or font size, and the one you choose will be used for all notes.

You can change font and font size at any time, so feel free to experiment to find what is most comfortable for you.

Line spacing

When you have found a font and font size you like, you should also try different line spacings.

Line spacing is the amount of 'white-space' between the lines, and should be adjusted relative to the font and font size you have chosen.

In many applications you may choose between single line (1.0), one-and-a-half line (1.5) and double line (2.0). PpcSoft iKnow has finer adjustments - from 1-9 (where 1 is 1.0, 5 is 1.5 and 9 is 2.0).

Remember - the most readable line spacing is usually depending on the font and font size. Experiment, and choose whatever looks best to you !


To temporarily increase readability, you may zoom the document. This means that you don't have to change the font size, just use the zoom option.

Ctrl+ Scroll-wheel will zoom in and out, and Ctrl + Scroll-wheel click will reset zoom at 100%.

Ctrl + Numeric keyboard +, - and * will do the same using keyboard only.

If you need to read a lot of text, you may want to increase the zoom to make it easier on your eyes.

If you need to quickly browse the note, decrease the zoom to see more of the note at a time.


You are not allowed to choose text color, but there are three different headings (large, average, small) which are different in both color and size.

By using consistent headings, you'll quickly be able to separate content by the color itself.

PpcSoft iKnow is also optimized for headings:
- Ctrl + H will toggle between small, average, large and no heading
- Ctrl + G will go to the next heading (to quickly navigate the main sections)





Using iKnow




Screenshots of PpcSoft iKnow in action

Download iKnow
Requires Microsoft Windows XP, Vista or 7.

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