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PpcSoft iKnow features


The Ribbon is a replacement for the standard menus and toolbars.

In order for you to feel at home, we've made our Ribbon similar to the MS Office 2007/2010 ribbon. However, our Ribbon is a bit simpler than the MS Office ribbon.

Why a Ribbon ?
- better overview (you see all main commands at a glance)
- one-click access to most commands (instead of minimum two clicks with menus)
- bigger buttons (easier to click)
- labels on most buttons (easier to identify than a toolbar)
- better familiarity for MS Office 2007/2010 users

You can quickly and easily toggle the Ribbon on/off by clicking on the active tab (or use F10 or Ctrl+F1).

The Ribbon in iKnow consist of three tabs (Home, Options and Help), and each tab is divided further into sections. There is also a special 'File' tab to left.


Home - Notes

New note Create a new, empty note - Ctrl+N
Template Create a new note based on an existing note - Ctrl+Shift+N
Rename Change the title of the note (no shortcut)
Delete Delete the note (no shortcut)

Please note that when you delete a note, you still have a chance to un-delete by selecting Recover (which replaces the 'Delete' button when you activate a 'deleted' note) until you exit iKnow or refresh the file.

Home - Clipboard

Paste Paste text, images or iKnow formatted text - Ctrl+V
Copy Copy formatted text (for use inside iKnow) - Ctrl+C
Copy - Copy plain text - Ctrl+Shift+C
Cut Cut formatted text - Ctrl+X

Home - Hyperlink

Hyperlink Add/Edit hyperlink - Ctrl+K

Home - Headings

Large Maximum heading size
Avg Medium heading size
Small Small heading size
Normal Normal text

Please note that you cannot change the size and colors of the headings. The colors are chosen to be easily distinguable from each other, and the size is relative to the general font size you choose.

Headings are not meant to make your note prettier, but more readable (and easier to scan quickly). Shortcut Ctrl+H to toggle between heading sizes.

Home - Capture

Screen shot Capture Screenshot - Alt+S
Web page Capture web page - Alt+C

See Capture screenshot

Home - Dictionary

Dictionary English Word definitions (Alt+W)

See Dictionary

Home - Font

Font Select a font for all notes
Size Select a font size for all notes
Bold Toggle Bold on selection - Ctrl+B
Italic Toggle Italic on selection - Ctrl+I
Strike Toggle Strike-through on selection - Ctrl+D
Zoom Zoom text in/out - Ctrl+Numeric + - *

Please note that there is no 'underline' as it could be confused with hyperlinks.

Home - Find

Find Toggle incremental search - Caps Lock / - Ctrl+F)
Previous Jump to previous search match - Shift+F3
Next Jump to next search match - F3

The matches will be highlighted while searching. You may navigate to the previous/next match using the up/down arrows. Pressing Enter will select the current match, and Escape will return to the position you were before activating the search.

Use the left arrow to erase the search field, the right arrow to autocomplete the current active word, and Tab to toggle between the Find and the Replace field.

We recommend using the Caps Lock for incremental search.


Options - Usability

Links underlined Toggle underlining for hyperlinks
Transparency Toggle transparency on/off (turn off for slow computers)
Line space Select line spacing for better readability

Autolinks and hyperlinks may be underlined for easier readability. Transparency may also be turned off for increased readability.

Different linespacing may also increase readability.

Options - Settings

F12 hotkey Enable/Disable F12 hotkey
Autobackup Toggle automatic backups on/off
X pages Select max. captured pages

When capturing web pages, PpcSoft iKnow will automatically scroll the page and capture as many pages as you select here. Default is 5 pages, maximum is 9 pages. More pages requires more memory, and also requires more disk space when saved.

Options - Sharing

Share Sync Enable sharing/Syncing

See Sharing/Sync

Options - Preview

Preview PDF AutoPreview of PDFs
Preview Web AutoPreview of hyperlinks

If you enable these, iKnow will try to capture the text from PDF files / Web pages and show an AutoPreview of them (and it will cache the captured text).

PDFs will often fail due to their complexity (or security settings), but you may edit the preview to add your own personal comments.

Options - Colors/Background

Color X Select a color theme
Tiles Tiled background graphics
Load tile Select an image as tile/background image
Alpha X % Select the transparency for the tiles

You may personalize PpcSoft iKnow by changing color themes and/or tile/background image. You may also load your own custom images if you want to. The alpha allows you to control the transparency to increase readability (background graphics/color may increase contrast and readability, but may also reduce readability if misused).

Tip: You may use different instances of PpcSoft iKnow (see Multiple instances) at the same time, and having different colors and/or background can be useful to quickly separate them.

Tip II: Right-click the preview-images in SplitView to quickly change the background image.


Help - iKnow

About Information about iKnow
Register Register iKnow when you have purchased it
Updates Go to a web page to check for the latest version.

Help - Learning iKnow

Get Started A Getting Started tutorial
Tips Tip of the day dialog - Alt+T (recommended)
Shortcuts Quick overview of the shortcut keys - Ctrl+Q (recommended)

Help - Send Mail

Ask for help Primary support (urgent)
Report bugs Help us fix bugs by reporting them
Contact Contact Ppcsoft (not urgent)

Help - Goto Web Page

PpcSoft Support Our support pages
iKnow homepage Main information about iKnow
Buy iKnow Purchase page

Help - Bonus Notes

Invite a friend Send invitation code for bonus notes
Get Bonus Notes Enter bonus code to get extra notes

Ribbon ++

iKnow is also designed to be used with the Ribbon hidden, and because of this some commands are below the Ribbon (and therefore closer to the editor).

Full-text searchSearch for text in all notes
Go back Go back to previous note - Alt+Left arrow
Go forward Go forward (after going back) - Alt+Right arrow
Undo Undo last change - Ctrl+Z
Redo Redo last undo - Ctrl+Y
Find Incremental search - Caps Lock / - Ctrl+F

Left frame:
Split Split (View) notes list - Alt+V

Right frame:
Favorites View Favorites list - Ctrl+0
Browse Images Image browser - Alt+B
Share Share current note
Sync Sync current note

You also have two buttons in the Editor heading area
(to the right and top of the Editor)
- Template - Ctrl+Shift+N
- New note - Ctrl+N


The file dialog is normally not used in iKnow as all your notes are stored in a single file, and they are all saved automatically.

You can create a new file or open an existing file instead of the current one (you can also drag-and-drop an ".iknow" file to open it). If you frequently want to open different files, we recommend that you create multiple instances and run each datafile at the same time (in separate iKnow-instances).

New File Create a new datafile
Open File Open an existing datafile
Refresh File Update links, deletes, shared notes - Shift+F5
Snapshot Copy Create a copy of current file
Page Setup Page and printer setup
Print Note Print current note





Using iKnow




Screenshots of PpcSoft iKnow in action

Download iKnow
Requires Microsoft Windows XP, Vista or 7.

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